Hi, I’m Lucie 👋🏽

Designer of high impact digital products, and  visual experiences ...

Premium visual design that exceeds expectations, makes your brand stand out, and keeps your customers engaged across all of your touchpoints.

I love to create.

With over 12 years experience in UX & UI Design,  I craft elegant solutions to complex problems that not only look great, but are a delight to use, and achieve both business and audience objectives.

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Websites, Apps & Digital Products

I can lead, support or drive any of the design phases required to create online products of substance and value for your customers.

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Research and Problem Exploration

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Wireframes, Prototyping & User Testing

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Visual Design - Websites, Apps & Products

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Social Media Content Design

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Product Marketing Imagery

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Design Systems

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Visual Workshops & Online Experiences

Detailed and delightful designs in collaboration tools like Miro, Mural and Welo that invite exploration, heighten engagement and provide impactful homes to important content.

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Visual Workshops

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Digital Event Programmes & Landscapes

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Online Co-Working Spaces

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Visual Documentation Hubs

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Interactive Presentations through Visual Storytelling

My Values

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The central pillar to all of my work is Excellence. I pull out all stops to deliver only the highest quality designs and experiences.

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My passion is to create online experiences  that uplift and inspire. Ones that put genuine smiles on faces, and on hearts.

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My goal is for every project to emote a sense of awe and wonder in the eyes of the beholder.

‍Highlight Projects

Custom online event space on Welo designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

eCommerce Brand and Website for Workshop Templates

Product strategy and eCommerce website design for the TMPLTS Miro board designs and Mural workshop templates.

Online event space in Welo of an isometric garden and greenhouse designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

eCommerce Website Design, Branding and & Social Posts

A joyful brand identity, website and Instagram content schedule for the CNVS illustration library.

Custom online event space on Welo designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

Fintech Product Design Facelift
BackbaseProduct Design

Defining and applying a new interface design to the Backbase banking demo products.

Online event space in Welo of an isometric garden and greenhouse designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

Website, Brand and Social Templates

The 2023 brand identity design of the NeverDoneBefore online facilitation community, featuring illustrations from CNVS.

Online event space in Welo of an isometric garden and greenhouse designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

Hybrid 'Ways of Working' Workshop Template (Miro board)
‍Miro Workshops

A dreamy landscape designed to take C-Suite audiences on a journey of defining the best way forward in our new hybrid landscape.

Online event space in Welo of an isometric garden and greenhouse designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

Architecting the Hybrid Discovery Center experience (Miro board)
Miro Workshops

Another Miro-board-goliath! This time architecting the hybrid 'Digital Twin' for the Miro Discovery Center in Amsterdam.

Custom online event space on Welo designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

Visual Event Programme (Miro board)
Miro Distributed '22Events

A Miro mega-board! Home to the event programme, visual links to the  interactive Miro boards, and important event information.

Feedback Wall visual workshop Miro board  designed by Miro Expert Lucie Agolini

Sailboat Retrospective Template (Miro board)

A twist on the popular Sailboat retrospective - taking participants on  a visual journey that's easy to use, fun to explore, and actionable.

Products I've made


CNVS: A visual toolkit for workshop facilitators

7,000+ icons, illustrations, frameworks and layouts to make your next workshop visual.
Find out more
A selection of hand drawn workshop illustrations from CNVS coming out of a laptop

Multi-platform workshop templates

Stand out from the crowd with high quality (and joyful) workshop templates, designed and built for Miro and Mural.
Find out more
A selection of visual workshop templates and illustrated icebreakers from WRKSHP CNVS

What others have to say

Headshot of Tim Rutten - SVP Strategy at Backbase

"Lucie has the talent of assimilating vague ideas into something tangible. She absorbs all input easily, and knows how to translate them into something stellar.

She deals incredibly well with ambiguity, is self-driven in reaching clarity, plus has the smarts and can-do that will simply get to the end of any job before anyone knows it. The combination of characteristics in her skill-set (hard as well as soft) and ability to get teams to do their best work are a lethal mix for impact (and fun). For these reasons I, and many others, much enjoyed much enjoyed working with her over the years."

Tim Rutten

EVP -Chief of Staff, Backbase

"There's nothing we love more than deliver amazing virtual experiences. Which is why I've worked on several projects with Lucie, and hope to do many more.

Lucie is one of the most talented and passionate designers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Pair that with deep product knowledge and professionalism - Lucie is really pushing the boundaries of Miro and shaping how we think about virtual experiences.

The custom workshops and team hubs we worked on are truly next level, both from a functional and aesthetical point of view. Can't wait to see what we'll make next.

Lodewijk de Vries

Director, Strategic Field Marketing at Miro
Headshot of Gabby Lovering from Backbase

"Lucie has talent for understanding complex user and business challenges and bringing them to life though engaging experiences.

It's clear she loves design and it shows in the quality of her work. You'll also find she quickly builds trusted relationships with everyone from senior stakeholders, to the developers in the team. I had the pleasure of working with Lucie on a number of high profile initiatives at Backbase and have no hesitation in recommending her."

Gabby Lovering

Director of Experience, Backbase
Headshot of Vinnie Hendricks from adidas

"Lucie has great skills when it comes to UI design, her eye for detail makes her a great partner to have in your projects.

Lucie is capable of stretching her comfort zone and learning new skills and staying awesome while doing it. I am blessed with having Lucie on my team. She is great to work with and will always gives 100% to reach her goals."

Vinnie Hendriks, Sr Dir. Global Digital Experience Design

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