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Speaker Onboarding

Project Summary




Speaker Onboarding - Distributed '23


Oct 2023


Provide a clear pathway to success for the speakers at the Miro Distributed '23 online event through a comprehensive Miro board containing all the need-to-knows in a pleasure-to-read format.


  • Prioritise primary information above secondary
  • Rich in information without being cluttered or confusing
  • Communicate timelines and action items in an easy to understand format
  • Make the speakers feel that their onboarding experience was important and taken special care of
  • It should be a pleasure to read and action


Services I provided:

  • Concepts
  • Visual design
  • Miro board build

The Results


  • A clean, polished, and easy to consume set of documents that support the speaker onboarding process for the event
  • Strong visual identity that showcases the Miro brand without any frills
  • Actionable and informative
  • Hierarchical structure puts the need-to-knows positioned and accented in the right places
  • Speaker's Showcase template and assets to  create a unique stamp of educational content

👏 Feedback

  • "Ok, your Miro design work for Distributed speakers is freaking amazing. This is easily the best-looking stuff they've ever done, and all thanks to you and your wonderful brain!"
  • "The boards have really captured the essence of the Distributed event. It feels structured yet not constricted, aligns very well with our viz ID, and generates a strong feeling of community and celebration."
  • Check out the comments on this LinkedIn post: 
    989 reactions, 99 comments, 18 reposts 🙌

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