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Various screens showing WRKSHP CNVS website with workshop template designs for Miro and Mural

The Client

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TMPLTS provides visual workshop templates for facilitators who use Miro and Mural as their collaboration tools. The mission is to enable everyone to be able to deliver visual workshops and activities in a fun and engaging format.

The Brief

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The company was brand new so the brand and website needed to built from the ground up.

Key requirements were:

- Define the brand and business values
- Create a sitemap and wireframes based on audience use cases
- Write benefit-oriented copy for the whole site
- Design the visuals for each page, incl. responsive behaviours and interactions
- Create a styleguide
- Work with a developer to bring it all to life

Tiled Workshop template eCommerce website designs from WRKSHP CNVS and UI Designer Lucie Agolini

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