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Why did I create CNVS?

So often I see people put a lot of hard work into their content, only for it to fall flat as a bunch of text boxes inside rectangles.

And on the flip side, I would see folks trying to use illustrations from different libraries, with an end result that feels mismatched and unprofessional.

I wanted to provide the biggest consistently designed set of hand drawn illustrations, to give everyone the opportunity to make their work visual with little effort.

Hand drawn Check mark

Content feels dull and lifeless

Hand drawn Check mark

We don’t inspire connection with our audience

Hand drawn Check mark

Readers scan quickly, often missing important details

Hand drawn Check mark

Misinterpretation is rife

Hand drawn Check mark

Memorability is poor

I believe everyone should have the power to design visual workshops and documents that look and feel great for both you and your audience.

Tell your story with a human touch using hand drawn illustrations

Professionally hand-drawn icons and illustrations to visually communicate your messages and set the right context.

Set the foundations using building blocks

Lay out the structure of your content with exercise areas, content containers, and layouts..For those who create workshops, we have specific frameworks and templates to match different methods.

Connect your content with paths, tracks and arrows

A good design tells your audience where to go next. Use our wide variety of visual connectors to create intuitive journeys.

Build your own worlds with objects, people and places

For the storytellers who like to build their own worlds, we have a whole collection dedicated to objects, places, people and scenes with which to craft your own unique environments.

Customise to make it yours.

With over 8,500 consistently designed icons and illustrations across a diverse range of categories, you can tailor the style and colours to your brand.

Engage on arrival

No more boring documents. Bring a twinkle to their eyes and spark to their mind as soon as they land on your visually interesting page.

Relatability = memorability

By pairing your content with images that are contextually relevant, your instructions and core messages become clearer and more memorable.

Build your own scenes

With over 8,500 assets, you can build out the perfect environment to host your content, or simply decorate with relevant emphasis.

What can you make with CNVS?

Workshop Canvases




Wireframes and Web Designs

Visual Note Taking

Social Media Content


My Learnings

This project was a creative and collaborative dream. I couldn't have asked for better sparring partners than Amanda, Sid and Shayne, and I couldn't have worked on a more satisfying mix of visual design and valuable content.

That said, we learn something new each project, and my learnings are as follows.

Advocate for modules and easy repurposing
It may not be part of the brief, but you can bet repurposing is a future requirement. Build in modules from the start to give as much autonomy to the board owner as possible.

Larger room names and sequence numbers
Embarrassingly basic, but not everyone browses at the zoom level I designed for. You should be able to understand content from all levels.

Use chat GPT to aid brainstorming
Fast track ideation and validate from audience perspectives using AI (in combination with own contributions)

Use Midjourney to create furniture
Now that I've established proficiency in Midjourney prompting, I would create specific imagery in a cohesive style without cost or license limitations.

Less is more
I've now worked on enough large projects to know that that our appetite is often bigger than our bellies when it comes to the number of visual areas requested in the original brief.

My future approach to a project requesting 24 exercise areas would be that we either create a quality wireframe prototype to test with real participants before the design phase, or to design ~12 areas and gather feedback before creating more.

In this instance, a purposefully modular approach from the outset would have been beneficial, and accommodated the need for any change of order, and creating different environments for shorter versus longer workshop durations.

Try it out with a free sample of 110 icons. See where your imagination takes you...

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