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Hi! 👋 I’m Lucie - an Amsterdam based designer with a mega passion for bringing joy and high quality design to the workplace

I do this through visual experiences and creative tools designed for platforms like Miro, Mural, Figjam and Welo.

Because collaborating in unique and novel spaces brings out the best in all of us. We make better decisions, collaborate with bigger hearts, and produce far better work through higher engagement and open minds.

‍Because I want work to not feel like work. I want everyday to be balanced between effective activities and delightful moments. I want to take you on magical journeys where solving problems with your team is only a pleasure, not a chore.

And it's happening. We're doing it! And this is only the beginning...

Check out my design process below.

My Design Process

While no two projects are the same,  the fundamental processes rarely change. The key phases below are supported by years-worth of methods and materials that get us to the right answer efficiently and effectively.

Intro Call
We jump on a call to say "Hello! Nice to meet you!", before digging in a bit deeper into the problem you're trying to solve, and your current ideas for solution.
Briefing Document
Following our call, a briefing document bespoke to your project and specific requirements will be supplied for you to fill in.
Design Discovery
and / or Diagnostic

Design Discovery

For smaller projects (ones that are straightforward in content and the right solution is clear), we will work together through a Design Discovery to understand your exact requirements, objectives and explore styles and concept ideas.

Design Diagnostic

For larger projects where in-depth understanding is required to propose and validate a solution of value, a diagnostic is essential to confidently make the most of the project investment.

At the end of a diagnostic you will receive a visual report containing:
  • Insights and conclusions gathered from discovery sessions, interviews and research,
  • Refined objectives and project criteria
  • Recommended solution(s)
  • A stylistic proposal
  • Costs
  • Timelines
The concept phase is my favourite! Here we get to explore different samples of visual styles aligned to our chosen theme and objectives. The world is our oyster here and the play levels are high!


The design phase is a collaborative process. We'll work closely to begin with - by maintaining regular touchpoints we mitigate any risk of the designs diverting from your vision.

There then comes a point where the balance has been met and I'll do some power boosting through larger chunks of the work and move towards the completion line.

User Feedback

If the project is large, and involves significant methods and / or interactive mechanics, I always advise at least one round of user testing to ensure everything makes sense and the value is validated.
Final Amends
A formal feedback round follows the finished designs, whereby we coordinate input from key stakeholders and implement changes accordingly.
Once the designs are fully approved, we move to the build phase. Building visual spaces in tools like Miro require specialist knowledge and thorough testing to ensure the platform can handle the construction and content, and that everything is correctly in place.
Few boards are ready for consumption until they're formally tested. We'll ensure internal testing (or external for important ones) is scheduled, so that we can rectify any bugs before you hit that "Publish" button and shoot the confetti gun!
If you'd like to learn more about my design process, or you're all read-up and ready to start discussing your awesome idea, let's get on a call and talk, I'd love that!
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