NeverDoneBefore 2022Workshop Design

'Scarecrow of Fears' (Miro Board)

The Client

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The NeverDoneBefore  (NDB) community is a global collective of facilitators who find community together, and grow the next facilitation trends through curated workshops, training, and self-started initiatives.

The Brief

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As part of the NDB Welo co-working space, Myriam Hadnes wanted to have a Miro board where community members could anonymously log their fears, with a view to 'burning' them at the Testivàl later in the year.

Key requirements were:
- The experience board should be simple, but visually attractive
- It should tie in with the isometric scarecrow in the Welo space
- It should be inviting to use

The Solution

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Here he is, our scarecrow. Simple in execution, but lovely to look at. A Miro board that not only fulfils a purpose, but also makes you smile while you cast away your darkest demons.

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