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Workshop Feedback Capture in Miro

The Client

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The NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Festival is a 24 hour remote conference (though better described as a festival), featuring a banquet of workshops, activities and learnings for the facilitation industry.

The Brief

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We needed a way to allow guests to capture their feedback from each of the workshops, and also to give space to visually describe their experiences at the festival.

Key requirements were:
- The experience should be playful
- It should feel like part of the festival
- Finding the right place to leave feedback should be easy
- Leaving feedback should be simple and inviting to do so

The Solution

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It was a no-brainer to capture the feedback in a visual Miro board, with visuals tied into the NDB branding, offering a sense of curiosity and play to the visitors.

Building upon Shayne Smart's ( original feedback cloud method from the NDB Resident's Garden, I built a sky that aligned with the timeline of the 24 hour festival, and placed feedback clouds underneath that correlated to the workshop times.

Each facilitator was given a direct link to their cloud so that at the end of each session, the guests could jump straight to where they needed to be. Alternatively, the global timeline makes for an easy scan to find the right one.

Sitting underneath the clouds is a graffiti wall that invites guests to leave traces of their experiences through any method that felt comfortable. Suggested ways to do so were included so that the wall never felt empty, and inspired the right method for each person.

We were pretty stoked with the feedback on the feedback field, and soon it will be available for anyone to pick up via Miroverse. Watch this space!

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