NeverDoneBefore 2022 Events

Virtual Co-Working Space Design in Welo

The Client

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The NeverDoneBefore (NDB) community is a global collective of facilitators who find community together, and grow the next facilitation trends through curated workshops, training, and self-started initiatives.

The Brief

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24 hour NeverDoneBefore 2021 Festival, founder Myriam Hadnes wanted to create an equally joyful space on Welo for her community to use all year round.

There were 3 key areas of the space:
- A workshop area where members could gather for the events and debrief afterwards, and have
- Connection areas for one-to-one conversations and group discussions
- A co-working area that affords both solo and group working, and rooms to host meetings

Visually the space needed to
- Be joyful , warm and inviting
- Have enough space for a growing number of global guests, but not feel too large
- Accommodate the 'Greenhouse' theme that had been set for the year of 2022Following in the footsteps of the

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