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The Client

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Miro is the leading online visual collaboration tool, hosting a plethora of useful features with a solid interface and architecture. Consider me a BIG fan.

Their Distributed conference brings together the Miro community at an annual event to share and explore all the latest features, wonderful workshops, and inter-community conversations.

The Brief

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The Board
The Distributed events team wanted a main board that would :

- Host the agenda, links to other boards, and other important information
- WOW! attendees upon entrance
- Delightful and elaborate design
- Be easy to navigate and access information
- Take platform performance into high consideration

Creative Direction
Christina Ta, Associate Creative Director at Miro, provided clear guidance around the '22 theme vision of 'Make space for human'. The designs should:

- elicit a strong feeling of human connection
- demonstrate the diversity of humanity
- integrate large iconography
- use abstract cut-out photo montage to make it both relatable and imaginative
- emphasise our resilience as humans, and our ability to carve out our own environments

The Design Process

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Design Discovery
Based on the brief, I asked more questions, developed the brief with further visual suggestions and aligned on the process, timelines and objectives.

Taking the thematic goals from Christina's brief, I brainstormed my own interpretations of what the theme meant, and how it could be visualised. This work culminated in some concept variations that we took forward to the main design with modifications through the Miro team's feedback.

The Result

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A mega-board that combines abstract elements in familiar literal spaces, set alive with humans forging their own spaces to work play and thrive. The scenes pack some visual punch with their attention to detail, purposeful composition and selective use of colour.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. My thanks to Ashley Jenkins and Marsha Maxwell for the super collaboration, and to Christina and the brand team for their invaluable creative brief, without which we wouldn't have what we see here today.

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