NeverDoneBefore 2021 Events

Virtual Conference Space Design in Welo

The Client

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The NeverDoneBefore facilitation festival is a 24 hour remote conference (though better described as a festival), featuring a banquet of playfulness and community driven content.

The Brief

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NeverDoneBefore is infamous for pushing boundaries and taking risks, so designing a space to host the 24 hour festival meant aiming high, taking our own risks, and most certainly thinking outside of the box.

The platform Welo is a fantastic virtual meeting space, designed for engagement and collaboration through a. traditionally 3D isometric environment. Under the guidance of the team at Welo, we had the pleasure of being given free rein to design a space that met our needs.

There are too many steps to detail, so I will save them for a blog post, but let's just say designing a space this big is a wonderful challenge, but certainly no easy feat.

The outcome

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A vibrant and playful space that merged familiar workshop areas in a central location, with more alternative opportunities for connection, reflection and collaboration across the different levels of activities.

And I must make a point to say that while I did single-handedly design the space (for which I humbly pat myself on the back), it would not have been what it was without the invaluable input and collaboration from Myriam Hadnes (NeverDoneBefore Founder), and technical wizardry and astute feedback from Shayne Smart (Workshop.Design).

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