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Project Summary




Miro Community Board - Distributed '23


Oct 2023


To design an interactive Miro board that invited creative contributions and collaboration from the Miro community during the event.

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  • Should feel energised and invite exploration
  • Easy to understand what to do, and be able to contribute
  • Afford enough space for adding content without being too big
  • Visually stimulating and impactful


Services I provided:

  • Design Discovery
  • Visual concepts and wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Miro board build

The Design Process

Design Discovery & Concepts

As part of a larger project, I ensure a thorough design discovery phase was implemented.
Through this phase I uncovered more information on the needs, desire and objectives of both the client and the audience through interviews and detailed research.


With multiple interactive areas, it was essential to wireframe the content before further user interviews.

The user interviews shone light on areas that needed improving before we could safely say the exercises were easy to understand, use, and were of true value.

The Results


  • A photo booth where users can create their own sharable photo memories
  • A souvenirs area where key take-aways could be recorded and we could collectively grow from the learnings of others
  • Shout outs as part of a drive to recognise and appreciate other members of the community and our peers at work
  • A continuation of the visual identity and exploratory journey from the main Event Guide.

👏 Feedback

  • "The boards have really captured the essence of the Distributed event. It feels structured yet not constricted, aligns very well with our viz ID, and generates a strong feeling of community and celebration."
  • "I love this little world! Thank you for bringing all the ideas, inputs, and brand together here. I loved working on this with you."
  • Check out the comments on this LinkedIn post: 
    989 reactions, 99 comments, 18 reposts 🙌

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