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Project Summary




Companion Board - Miro Distributed '23


Oct 2023


To design an online space where event attendees can learn more about the speakers, and network with the community through a variety of formats.

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  • Enable connection between attendees
  • Showcase the latest feature releases
  • Demonstrate what's possible in Miro
  • Provide content as part of a journey
  • Integrate the new Miro visual identity


Services I provided:

  • Design Discovery
  • Visual concepts and wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Miro board build

The Design Process

Design Discovery & Concepts

The Design Discovery phase digs into the project objectives, fully exploring the problem before arriving at solutions

Following the discovery, each required feature of the board was scoped out with different concepts before validating the right ones through wireframes and user interviews.

Wireframes &User Testing

Particularly for interactive content, it is crucial to wireframe the mechanics to ensure you've included the right amount of instructions, and made enough space for the exercise.

The wireframes can then be validated through interviews and testing to ensure clarity for the end user.

The Results


  • Networking: Connect with like-minded Miro fans
  • Community Noticeboard: Advertise your services, offer skill swaps,  ask questions or browse items on the noticeboard
  • Product Releases: A 'hide and reveal' of latest product release information after the keynote
  • Speakers Showcase: Learn more about and from the speakers as they showcase their best tips and examples of how they use Miro
  • Inspiration: Leave inspired by showing a new side to how you can design beautiful and functional Miro boards

👏 Feedback

  • "The boards have really captured the essence of the Distributed event. It feels structured yet not constricted, aligns very well with our viz ID, and generates a strong feeling of community and celebration."
  • "I love this little world! Thank you for bringing all the ideas, inputs, and brand together here. I loved working on this with you."
  • Check out the comments on this LinkedIn post: 
    989 reactions, 99 comments, 18 reposts 🙌

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