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Project Summary




Live gameplay at Miro Distributed '23


Oct 2023


Said Saddouk and I partnered up to demonstrate the unique possibilities of Miro for strengthening team connections through puzzles and play at Miro Distributed '23.

The event showcased a large visual Miro board (with illustrations from CNVS) containing 6 different escape rooms.

Watch the replay


  • Provide inspiration for a different way to think about how we can collaborate in Miro
  • Showcase a top quality design that delights the viewer, and inspires a different way of designing Miro boards (Lucie Agolini)
  • Demonstrate never-seen-before exercise mechanics  (Said Saddouk)
  • Up-level the event experience with visual video effects from OBS (Said Saddouk)


Services I provided:

  • Concept development
  • Visual Design
  • Miro board build
  • Design and session testing
  • Script writing

The Design Process

Concept Development

Said did most of the heavy lifting when it came to the storylines and possible puzzles. We refined these ideas across several meetings.

I delivered various moodboard to define the 'Weird and wonderful' visual theme, and Said's interactive puzzle prototypes drove the content for what you see in the final result.

We then split into separate tasks whereby Said took refined the puzzles, and I created themes around those puzzles and the storyline

Beta Testing

Once the designs were finished and built into Miro, it was time to test the content for usability and enjoyment.

We ran two beta testing sessions that proved invaluable to the development of the games.

Through those reviews, we understood that we needed to tweak the difficulty levels and instructions in order to improve clarity and true enjoyment for the users.

The live event

On October 18th, we went live at Distributed '23!
In advance of the event, I prepared assets for Said to use with OBS that meant our session felt less like a live stream, more like a tv show.

The result was a smorgasbord of visual inspiration - not only in how you can use Miro, but oin how you can deliver presentations in a unique and memorable format.

Appreciation to...

Said Saddouk for being an unbeatable collaborator. Bringing his A-game for Miro knowledge, puzzle designs, and getting s**t done in a short space of time.

If anyone wants to expand their horizons with Miro, OBS or the Elgato tech suite, go give him a follow - or book a one-to-one session. You won't be disappointed! 🙌

And to our two superb online escape games players (
Annie MacLeod of Project Management Gameboard, and Daniel Wirtz of the Facilitator School), your team spirit and dedication to making this a demo to remember was second to none.

Thank you heaps for your time, your energy and your efforts. We loved doing this event with you ❤️.

The Results


  • An engaging video format for optimal viewing experience
  • Never-seen-before puzzles for escape rooms online in Miro
  • A delightful Miro board design full of curiosities and wonder
  • Educational tips for how to best design content in Miro
  • A positive experience for the viewers and Miro fans

👏 Feedback

  • "I’d love to have a play to see how the puzzles all work. Really loved it. Well done both."
  • "Feeling ecstatic to play this!"
  • "This was a fun and genius concept!"
  • "Very inspiring session at the Distributed 23"
  • "It was really fun watching your session. Hope to play one in the near future. Thank you!"

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