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Visual Festival Programme in Mural

visual festival programme for workshops in mural designed by Miro expert Lucie Agolini

The Client

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The NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Festival is a 24 hour remote conference (though better described as a festival), featuring a banquet of workshops, activities and learnings for the facilitation industry.

The Brief

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A visual agenda was required to showcase the jam-packed schedule, plus highlight the different activities available outside of the workshops.

Key requirements were:
- to visually communicate the playful nature of the conference
- make the agenda feel as immersive as possible
- enable the festival team to edit the schedule if any changes came in
- have viewers leave the agenda feeling like they'd already hit a 'Wow' moment

The Solution

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The festival agenda gave me a chance to take the NDB 2021 brand a level further by ingraining the initial colour palette and iconography style from the website into a full-colour, large-scale space on Mural.

With such a large scope of content to work with, using a tool like Mural was a no-brainer as it meant we didn't need to circulate massive images that could go out of date quickly, instead we could just invite visitors to the canvas and have them look around from there.

Hosting the visual agenda in Mural also meant I could build it in a way that was easy for the festival team to make edits to the schedule for any changes that came in.

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