Backbase Fintech

Product Design Facelift

The Client

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Backbase provides a leading digital-first banking platform that accelerates digital transformation for banks worldwide.

My Role

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As the principle designer in the sales team, I had the pleasure of leading the new creative direction of the demo products interfaces, and the implementation of features.

The pace was fast, the field was open, and the talented team I created with and mentored were a joy to work with.

The Brief

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At Backbase it was imperative our demo products were of high visual caliber and provided seamless experiences using the latest technology.

This flagship project took previously silo-ed products and redefined the visual style to be applied across the 4 major product lines.

Key objectives:

- Define a fresh look and feel
- The new style should balance our B2B profile alongside the modern day end user
- Cohesive design across all product lines
- Compelling storylines for product demos
- Incorporate innovative features based on user needs and latest technology

My Approach

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Working with the team and key stakeholders, I identified a visual North Star, and built upon the existing Backbase Design System to create a new visual landscape through templates, guidelines and a multi-level component library.

By providing clear guidelines and regular creative reviews to the team, we were able to collectively roll out the new style across the existing material in a very short space of time (2 months).

What’s next?

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