Photo of Lucie Agolini the workshop designer

Hello! Is it me you're looking for?

I love to hear from new people, whether it's for an upcoming projects, or to bring together like minds.

Send me an email and let's see what magic we can make!

A few things
clients normally ask me:

What is your work dicipline?

My attitude is 'Get it done 💪🏽. And get it done well ⭐️'.

I make sure to understand your requirements fully, will set your expectations on how I will approach and deliver the goods, and will set myself up to deliver you what you need in the appropriate amount of time.

I don't compromise on quality, but neither do I compromise on the amount of time required to deliver you what you need. Done is better than perfect, but done also needs to be close enough to perfect  that most people wouldn't notice the difference.

With me you get the wealth of experience I've gained from the different organisations, teams and people I've had the pleasure of working with.

I've optimised my processes and communications to be efficient, but never lacking warmth and playfulness.

What is your location & timezone?

Based in Amsterdam, but familiar with working with people all over the globe. My brain (and laptop) is generally switched on between 9am - 7pm Amsterdam time, outside of that I'm curled up with books, cooking from the latest Ottolenghi recipe book (🙌🏽), or doodling in my sketchpad.

How do you like to communicate?

Every person has different preferences for how to communicate, so it's a discussion we have at the start of working together.