NHS Scotland, Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow (RHCG) Healthcare

Visual identity, illustrations and interface tuning

The Client

The Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow (RHCG) is one of the leading paediatric care centres in the UK, and the largest in Scotland.

The Brief

RHCG was without their own website for a number of years, creating confusion for patients, carers and clinicians trying to get more information about the specific services available and on-site facilities.

Not having a visual identity to apply to their internal and external documentation and communications meant they were creating a disparate look and feel across their different departments. Something needed to be done

The Solution

As the sole designer, I was tasked with defining and applying a relatable look and feel to the content and interface. RHCG enlisted the services of Tactuum Ltd for the software development of the website and supporting apps, so I worked within the framework of their existing CMS - Quris™ .

Designs and functionality were tested with real patients and carers, resulting in an easy to use and relatable look and feel.

The result

A complete set of illustrations and webpages for the different departments of the RHCG. The illustrations were exported as individual assets for the internal teams to use for different purposes.

What’s next?

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