NeverDoneBefore, Brand Identity& Website Design

NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Festival 2021

The Client

The NeverDoneBefore facilitation festival is a 24 hour remote conference (though better described as a festival), featuring a banquet of playfulness and community driven content.

The Brief

Following the success of NeverDoneBefore 2020, Myriam Hadnes (founder of the NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Festival and Workshops Work) asked me to define the brand direction and website for the 2021 Festival.

The Solution

With 6 months of time for the festival residents to define the content, a big emphasis was on community and collaboration, in addition to playful creation. And so after showing a selection of moodboards to Myriam, I moved forward on a direction that used bold and uplifting colours alongside graphics that gave a clear indication of the evolvution of people building a new world.

The Result

In a short space of time we had a concrete brand defined that could be rolled out by other members of the team creating the design assets and Mural boards for the year long festival activities.

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